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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of our services will be taken to represent agreement of these Terms and Conditions.

1-to-1 Lessons and Weekly Group Classes

English Arch will send an invoice to the student as soon as they have agreed on a lesson.  Payment can be made with a bank deposit at any Lloyds Bank.  The school’s bank details will be included in the invoice.  In certain circumstances, it may be possible to pay the teacher in cash or by cheque on the day of the class.  Cheques should be made out to English Arch.  In the case of cash payments, students will be given a receipt stating the details of the payment.  Payments must be made to English Arch before the lesson starts.

Students can pay for a number of classes in advance or on a class-by-class basis.

Students can stop having classes at any time.  If classes have been paid for in advance, the school will refund the remaining classes in full.

If you are unable to attend a class, due to illness for example, you must inform your teacher as soon as possible.  You will not be charged for missed classes.

Weekly group classes have a maximum of 6 students.

If a tutor, for any reason, has to stop tuition mid-course, English Arch will endeavour to replace the tutor as soon as possible, subject to availability, in order to minimise disruption to the student’s progress.

No liability is accepted by English Arch for any claim made by a student that is to do with the tutoring carried out by a tutor introduced by English Arch.

We strive to provide the best possible exam preparation.  However, we will not be held responsible or accountable if a student does not pass the CAE exam or achieve their desired IELTS band.

We do not give the IELTS and CAE exams. The exams need to be taken at officially recognised exam centres.
One-to-one class provision is dependent upon the availability of a suitable teacher.

English Arch’s Skype Buddies

You must be over 18 years of age to use English Arch’s Skype Buddies.

Although we make every effort to match users, we cannot guarantee that a match will be found.  Some users may not be matched.

The following details are made available to the person you are matched with:
•Your gender
•Your English Level
•Your Skype ID
•Your Email Address

As a user of English Arch’s Skype Buddies, you have a responsibility to treat other members with respect and courtesy and not to engage in any inappropriate behaviour that is of a sexual or threatening nature.

Do not provide personal details to people you communicate with through English Arch’s Skype Buddies.  We do not vet our users so cannot vouch for any user’s character.

We cannot guarantee that you will be matched with someone of the same sex or English level.  Incorrect matches may be made due to the submittal of erroneous information or human error on our part.

Although we make every effort to match people correctly across time zones, due to the possibility of human error on our part, we cannot guarantee that the time you are given for your meeting will coincide with the time given to your partner.

English Arch cannot guarantee that the person you are matched with will attend the meeting we arrange.

If you choose to use English Arch’s Skype Buddies, you do so completely and entirely at your own risk.  English Arch does not, nor do any of its founders, owners or employees, except any responsibility for any harm or event that may befall you, your family and/or your computer by using English Arch’s Skype Buddies.

Skype Lessons

You can reschedule a lesson, providing that you inform your teacher 24 hours in advance.  (The 24 hours notice applies under all circumstances.)

If you are late for a class, your teacher will wait for 15 minutes.  If you have not joined after 15 minutes, you will lose the lesson.  Lessons lost in this way cannot be rescheduled.  Late starting classses will still finish at the scheduled finish time.

All the materials are included in the prices.

Your teacher will only correct 400 words of writing per hour of teaching.  The written work will be set by your teacher and may include IELTS tasks, stories, grammar exercises, dialogues etc.

We don't give refunds once a block payment has been made.  If something prevents you from having your lessons, for example becoming ill, we will do our best to reschedule them.

We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.  Outstanding lessons will be refunded.

Under certain circumstances, for example illness, it may not be possible for your teacher to give a lesson.  If this happens, your teacher will email you as soon as possible and reschedule your lesson.  If a suitable time cannot be agreed on, the lesson fee will be refunded.

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