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Skype English Lessons

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Innovative English Language Teaching
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These one-to-one skype lessons can be used to practise your general English or the IELTS test.

IELTS Preparation
Build confidence for the IELTS exam with our IELTS preparation lessons.  These lessons are ideal if you are already studying by yourself, yet would like some additional support and guidance.  We specialise in the output skills of speaking and writing.

     •  We'll correct your written work and give you feedback on 
        structure, grammatical range and vocabulary.  You can
        send us up to 400 words per hour of teaching (enough for 
        tasks 1 and 2).

     •  We'll work through past speaking tests with you and help 
        you to improve the accuracy and  fluency of your speaking.

General English
Effective English lessons for lower intermediate learners and above.  You will be taught using the communicative approach, with priority given to improving confidence and fluency in real-life situations.

New language is continually recycled in order to help you remember it.  If requested, homework activities can also be done, giving you the opportunity to further consolidate the English that you have learnt.
These classes helped me to improve both my speaking and writing English skills and pass the IELTS exam successfully with Band 8.
We'll email you class materials and homework.
Download the Cram app to your phone and we'll send you flashcards of the vocabulary and  grammar points covered in class.
We use a tablet and Skype's screen share to make your computer a whiteboard.
We can send you an MP3 file of each lesson.
We use Word's Track Changes to correct your written work and offer suggestions.