Once you have been matched, you can download the question sets below.  The same set of questions can be used to practise your general English or the IELTS speaking test.  

Each topic is designed to last about 45 - 60 minutes.  Take turns asking and answering the questions.
What will I talk about with my Skype Buddy?
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(Since August 2016 / Updated Periodically)

1.  Speaking English is a skill that requires practice. 

2.  Skype Buddies is FREE.

3.  You can practise general English or the IELTS speaking test.

4.   We'll match you with someone of the same sex.

5.   We'll match you with someone at your English level.

6.  We provide you with free material to talk about.

We are supported by some great websites.
English Club
English Arch's
Skype Buddies
English Arch's
Skype Buddies
+ Plus
Skype Lessons

10 sets of questions 10 sets of questions
10 self-study preparation units
  10 Skype Lessons
with an English Arch Teacher
Coherence & Cohesion
(Making yourself understood, linking & organising ideas etc.)
Speaking Skills
(Paraphrasing, fillers etc.)
Vocabulary and Phrases    
Grammatical Range & Accuracy    
  Free £9.95 £25 hour
Skype Buddies is a great way to practise your General English or prepare for the IELTS speaking test.  If you are looking for a bit more, we have put together some supplementary materials, Skype Buddies Plus, which you can use to prepare for each set of questions.  You might want to also consider having Skype lessons with one of our teachers.
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Skype Matching Service for English Learners
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English Arch's Skype Buddies is a FREE online service that matches English learners so that they can practise their English together.
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