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One-to-one lessons are perhaps the fastest way to improve, as we can tailor our teaching to your individual needs and learning style. Students typically choose to follow a course which combines topic based learning with every day English.  During the lessons, priority is given to speaking and listening activities, with particular attention paid to language patterns and vocabulary.  In order to reinforce the work done in class, supplementary reading and writing exercises are set as homework.

One-to-one Lessons for Children

Our one-to-one lessons in Durham can also be taken by children.  We help children during their first few years in the UK, building confidence so that they can quickly intergrate into school life.
Join our school events
Throughout the year, we hold a number of fun events for past and present students.  The events, which include things like barbecues and restaurant meals, are a great way to make new friends and catch up with former classmates.
Kids' Summer School
How often should I have English lessons?

In order to improve your English, you need to try to use it every day.  If you are motivated to study by yourself or have a job where you can speak English, it may only be necessary to have a lesson for one or two hours a week.  If, on the other hand, you don't have many chances to speak English during the week or find it hard to learn by yourself, we would recommend having more lessons.
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You are not tied to a set number of lessons and can stop having lessons at any time.
Classes are subject to teacher availability.
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