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The IELTS exam is used to assess the English level of people wishing to study and work in the UK. All foreign university applicants are required to take the exam.

Build confidence for the IELTS exam with our IELTS preparation lessons in Durham.  These one-to-one lessons are ideal for people who are already studying by themselves, yet would like some additional support and guidance.  We specialise in the output skills of speaking and writing.

     •  Identify areas of  weekness in your speaking and writing
     •  Improve grammatical range and accuracy
     •  Build vocabulary
     •  Improve fluency
     •  Improve coherence and cohesion

As with all our one-to-one lessons, you are welcome to meet us for a free consultation. It will give us an opportunity to assess your English level and you will be able to inform us of your specific needs.

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You are not tied to a set number of lessons and can stop having lessons at any time.

One-to-One IELTS Lessons in Durham

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