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Language Development
Working on  your test skills by going through previous tests will improve your test score and may in itself be sufficient for you to get the IELTS band that you need.  However, if you are further from your goal, you will also need to improve your general English level.  Our exam preparation lessons will help you do this.

IELTS Lesson Fees in Newcastle
Our exam preparation lessons in Newcastle combine language development with thorough exam preparation and practice.

Exam Preparation and Practice
We'll work through previous tests with you, giving you guidance on how to answer the questions and outlining tips, strategies and techniques that you can use to improve your score.
Exam Cerificate

Support for people preparing to do the IELTS examination (academic).

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You are not tied to a set number of lessons and can stop having lessons at any time.

One-to-One IELTS Lessons in Newcastle

Innovative English Language Teaching
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