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CAE Exam Preparation in Newcastle

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Support for people preparing to do the CAE examination.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is the second highest Cambridge ESOL exam.  It is an internationally recognised exam which demonstrates that you can communicate effectively in academic and professional settings.

Our CAE preparation lessons in Newcastle are tailored to your particular needs. If you have no experience of the CAE exam, we will work through previous exam papers with you so that you understand how to approach each of the exam’s 5 parts.  If you more familiar with the exam, class time is usually given to the speaking, writing and Use of English parts of the exam, with reading and listening exercises given as homework.

The classes themselves are topic based, and have the aim of developing the vocabulary and  language skills that you will need.  Attention is also given to identifying and practicing any weaknesses you might have.

CAE Lesson Fees

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You are not tied to a set number of lessons and can stop having lessons at any time.
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